The Benefits of Coloring Books for Adults in Overcoming Stress

Coloring activities in books, are often considered an effective way to hone a child's motor skills. In fact, there are also positive benefits of coloring books for adults, including stress relief. Just like coloring books for children, the types of coloring books for adults are also very diverse. Adult coloring books can contain pictures of flowers, animals, landscapes, or buildings. It's just more detail than a children's coloring book. Coloring Is Part of Art Therapy Coloring activities are included in art therapy. This therapy aims to restore or improve one's mental, emotional, and physical health by using the process of producing creative work. This activity is believed to help someone in expressing themselves, relieve stress, control behavior, and improve interpersonal skills. Art therapy is carried out by combining visual arts and creative activities, which are accompanied by counseling and psychotherapy. In coloring activities, color selection can help som
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